Dr. David Kirkby (G8WRB)

Dr. David Kirkby BSc MSc PhD CEng MIET is an electronics engineer/scientist. He is managing director of Kirkby Microwave Ltd, which is an RF consultancy company. Kirkby Microwave also manufacturer calibration kits for vector network analyzers, and are developing frequency extenders for the HP 8753 series of vector network analyzer to allow the 8753ES to be used to at least 10 GHz

David has a Ph.D. in medical physics, which he obtained in 1999 from University College London. The title of his Ph.D was A picosecond optoelectronic cross correlator using a gain modulated avalanche photodiode for measuring the impulse response of tissue. A PDF can be downloaded from the UCL web site.

David has developed several pieces of open-source software which might be of interest to amateurs. This include:

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